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A Proven Track Record

Since  1989, we have been providing Labor Tracking Systems and Labor Tracking Software to Fortune 500 companies that have helped these customers reduce their  Labor Cost, increase their Labor Efficiency & Productivity, and   improve End-Product Quality.  Our customers have achieved an average of  25% improvement in their Labor Cost & Activities. 


A Proven Approach

We start by identifying detailed customer requirements and goals. We submit a detailed plan to meet the requirements and achieve the goals. We provide the consulting services, the Labor Tracking System, the Labor Tracking Software  (Ettendra Labor 8.0), the implementation, the training, and the follow-up quarterly reviews with the customer.


Why Us?

We have developed a proprietary Labor Tracking System algorithm for various industries that rapidly identifies Labor Inefficiencies and Labor Under Productivity, and have embedded these algorithms in our own Labor Tracking Software and Timesheet System (Ettendra Labor 8.0) that has proven to reduce  Labor Cost by an average of 25% and improve Labor Efficiency & Productivity by an average of 30% !!!

Our Approach

Working with the customer to define their requirements and goals


We start by by conducting a detailed audit survey to determine the detailed customer requirements and define measurable customer objectives and goals in terms of expected percentage (%) reduction in Labor Cost and increase in Labor Efficiency & Productivity. We submit a detailed plan and implementation schedule to achieve theses objectives and goals including the required labor tracking software program, hardware resources, and  training & implementation resources and schedules.

Implementation, training, and continuous support


We provide the customer with a turn-key solution that includes the labor tracking software solution,  system implementation, and continuous training & technical support. We install the software program and provide on-site and on-line support to each employee and manager. We re-work customer procedures and re-engineer the whole Labor Tracking Process !

Follow-up data and adverse trend analysis


Once the labor tracking system is implemented, we analyze all collected Labor Tracking data to identify adverse trends and produce detailed recommendations. We hold quarterly Labor Cost and Labor Efficiency reviews with the customer and provide detailed advice on how to reduce Labor Cost and increase Labor Efficiency & Productivity !

Our Customers & Locations


List of Manufacturing Industries that we serve:

Aerospace   - Automotive  - Building Material  - Cable & Wire  - Construction  - Doors & Windows -   Electrical/Electronics  - Garment  - HVAC  - Machining - Metal Fabricators  - Mills  - R&O Facilities  - Ship & Boat Builders  - Railways & Locomotives  - Textiles.

List of Service Industries that we serve:

- Healthcare & Hospitals  -  Health Science Labs  - Inspection & Calibration Labs  - Public Transport Organizations  - Public Works Departments  - Senior Citizens Facilities.

Organizations that we served:

Allied Signal,  AMF,  Alstom,  Bendix,  Brandrex,  Bombardier,  Canadair,  Canadian National Railway,  Eaton-Yale,  GE,  Global Doors & Windows,  Goodrich Aerospace,  Lucas Aerospace,  Paintech Int'l,  SAIM Healthcare,  SAIM Laboratories, and TRW.

Our U.S. Locations:

We serve our U.S. customers directly and through our associates from offices in Arizona, California, Indiana, Michigan,  New York, Ohio, Oregon, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Texas, Washington,  and Wisconsin.

Our Canadian Locations:

 We serve our Canadian customers directly and through our associates from offices in Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia.

Our EU & UK Locations:

 We serve our EU & UK customers directly and through our associates from offices in  Birmingham and London England.

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